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With the advancement in the technology, there is a huge demand for solar energy power systems and more and more individuals have started installing solar systems. Today, there are different types of solar PGS being installed across the world and among them, on-grid and off-grid solar systems are the most widely chosen options. So, if you are planning to install a solar system at your house and has encountered the problem of making a decision to choose between on-grid or off-grid system then you have come to the right place. Before installing the solar systems you need to know what’s what of both in order to make a more informed choice. So, let's have a brief look at both and its benefits.

What is OnGrid Solar Systems?

On-Grid Solar Systems are solar PV systems having a bi-directional flow of energy that generates power only when the utility power grid is available. The on-grid system is designed for generating the DC power by changing the sunlight to the AV power and if you are living in a residential area then installing on-grid solar PV system is the best fit for you.


On-grid solar systems are simpler systems that you can install it yourself in a week and with a friend. These systems are the most cost-effective to install and they pay for themselves by offsetting utility bills in 3 to 8 years and put money in your pocket long term.

What is Off Grid Solar Systems?

Off-grid Solar Systems are the solar PV systems that allow you to store your solar power in batteries for use, if you are not on the grid or when the power grid goes down. Off-grid solar systems allow you to self-sustain your energy use entirely and it is a solar electricity system with battery backup. So, with the help of off-grid systems, you can use the power you have stored in batteries and batteries can also be charged with grid power if needed.


When power grid is down, off-grid systems provide power for your critical loads and in areas with unreliable power, you can often have the choice to utilize batteries and an inverter system for more study electricity.

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