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Math Glass puzzle uses simple arithmetic operations to provide an intellectual challenge at various levels of difficulty. Initial levels can be solved by a primary school student. At later levels one simple discovers that the human brain is too limited to test all the possible combinations to find the solution. This is where the mathematical ingenuity is required to find shortcuts in order to succeed. At the end, a diligent player will discover basic tricks of number theory.

Put number drops 💧 into a math glass 🥃 to solve the puzzle!

In this strange math kitchen not every glass behaves the same way!

🥃+ Add drops to a glass to make it full. Do not let it overflow!
🥃− Subtract drops from a glass to make it empty. Avoid a negative water level!
🥃× Multiply drops with the glass level to make it full. Do not let it overflow!
🥃÷ Divide glass level with drops to reach 1. Avoid a nonzero remainder!
🥃+−×÷ Watch out the glass operation!

Pass a level to win a key 🔑 to unlock the next level.
Pass all levels in the same category to win a trophy 🏆!
Play again to collect even more diamonds 💎.
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