Principles of Wound Management in the Clinical Environment

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  Principles of Wound Management in the Clinical Environment
John Jones, age 32, is admitted to your ward after post-surgical lancing of a cutaneous abscess located on his perineum. The abscess was caused by MRSA bacteria. The abscess required excision and drainage to remove pus and debris.Mr. Jones is under police guard as he has been on remand at the nearby Correctional Center for the past 2 days awaiting trial related to holding an illegal drug. Mr. Jones has a history of IV heroin use and homelessness. He states that he last used heroin “about 4 days ago”. Mr. Jones’s medical history reveals that he has previously been admitted to hospital for depression and a suicide attempt. His blood tests returned positive for Hepatitis C. Insulin levels are within the normal range and chest X ray returned clear. His BMI is 20 kg/m2, weight is 65 kg and height 180 cm.You read the surgeon’s post-operative instructions:Wound cavity to be dressed daily with Betadine-soaked gauze packing,Mr. Jones is visited by the wound management nurse who documented the following in his notes:
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