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The entire human population on the internet sends messages.
More than any other form of communication – more than e-mail, more than social media – people are messaging. To digitize human interactions is to help people and businesses communicate, interact, and build relationships beyond the distances that can sometimes separate us. As a company whose origin is in messaging solutions. Our mission is to bring the freedom, accessibility, and value that digitizing human interactions can offer to all people. SODA app is really simple and easy to use. Looking for a service around you or globally and you get it at finger tips, start a conversation and express your readiness with in-message, voice and video call.
Meeting service qualified people and communication never were so easy and fun.
Our origin story begins with customer. Customer existed before businesses. They faced a problem for which few people dared to find a solution, and created customer value. Businesses we know today evolved from the organized and deliberate effort to find solution to these problems. We exist, first, to satisfy customers. And then to leap beyond the status quo and create
innovative solution to problem that customer facing in getting services. This leap might be challenging and frustrating, but endless tenacity is the true springboard to customer.
We have heard experiences over and over again where people’s spend so much on advert on talent or particular service but get less or no result because their targeted customers are not reach or duration of advert expired before the respective target in need of such services. Also so many talents and services are wasted day in day out that so many people are in need of, they are so close like our neighbor, in our community and word at large but yet not get engaged. Many time people worries and tied of situation of in need of a particular service and no instant medium to lay hand on to see variety of expert that fit for such. Now you may tend to ask why? Our simple answer to that is because there is no unique system that prevents or helps to combats that. It is against this backdrop that the idea, SODA emerged to address in a comprehensive manner.
SODA was born out of this uncertainty. We can gladly say those days of uncertainty are over.
Today we see a new world. Something bigger than just get an expert of any kind of service but avenue to mitigate with cheat and find numerous expert of same service and seal the deal at finger tips.

And we’re just getting started!
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