Homemade Luxury soap

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Homemade Luxury soap
Mizu soap is pure, unadulterated soap, where the excess amount of fat and glycerine is not removed, unlike chemical soap, but are used to absorb the alkali. These soap is made in small batches with less shelf life. It is an industrial fallacy to understand that handmade things are always rare and made in small batches. Since they are made in small batches they are brought frequently with fresh and new variants. There is both a good and the bad point of buying fresh and not able to store, in case of not being able to buy on time due to several reasons.
Although the such soaps have roots to the Indian culture, but the rage on foreign land makes us look up and search for the most obsessed commodity. In India, manufactures have gone back to their roots and found some great recipes and thus have commercially started to make and sell homemade luxury soap. Homemade luxury soap industry has developed and is very much in demand in India, specially among the high, rich, and affluent class.
Russia is the dominating entity in homemade luxury soap market, with about 1million turnover capturing 67% of the market. It has shown people the way to use homemade luxury soap and has pampered its customer with a variety of flavours like that of ice-cream and savoury dishes, mojito, strawberry, vanilla, white chocolate etc. It wants their customers to savour and relish the bathing experience and therefore has steered the customers towards more natural, ecological, and environmentally cleanse articles.
The globetrotters, who have tasted and enjoyed the world-class luxurious soaps, are at loose-end when they come back to India, thinking they must settle with the chemical soaps. The backhand of homemade soap, unlike chemical soap is, that it cannot be stored for a longer period. But India, now owning some of the famous outlets for homemade luxury soap, allows them to enjoy the same luxury and grandeur, at their homeland.
Mizu, an online, homemade luxury soap outlet, has a variety of soaps at their disposal, which can be ordered online and delivered in no time at all. It has not only secured the Indian formula of soap but has also done extensive research of the formula of these soaps existing in international market.
At Mizu,we have soap with tea tree oil, rosemary, lavender, shea butter, vitamin, aloe Vera extract, activated charcoal, grapefruit extract and many more endless variety, that not only soothes the skin, but uplifts the mood and naturally relaxes the body and mind. We also use herbs, dry flowers, clay, oatmeal, mint leaves etc. and natural colours from turmeric, lemon powder, ground beet, annatto, spirulina, all hand mix, hand cut, and hand wrapped with long curing periods before delivering to our customers.
Bengaluru is a highly end-user driven market, the hot-bed of luxury offerings, be it soap or any such things. The homemade luxury soap market of Bengaluru is finding favour with both young and vibrant as well as the older group who want soaps with all the bells and whistles of cleansing and nurturing. The definition of luxury is turning a new leaf, the affluent people who always turned to the foreign market for all their luxury products are for once turning inside, towards India, and Indian market, and we at Mizu are fully prepared and equipped to grab their attention.
Once they use Mizu homemade luxury soaps, there is no chance for them not to repeat our products. We have world class standard products with quality, fragrance, and style to suit the customers. We don’t want customers to use whatever floats in their boat, but we offer them customised product suited to Indian seasons and their particular skin type. We also educate and introduce new ingredients and compositions, so that their experience should not only be fruitful but enjoyable also.
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