What Kind of Water Resistant Flooring Should You Opt for?

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What Kind of Water Resistant Flooring Should You Opt for?
There are certain rooms in the house where you need to make sure that you opt for Water Resistant flooring so that you do not end up dealing with any unpleasant situations. That is why it would be such a great idea to invest in cork tiles, which can be placed in all rooms of the house, even the ones where you need to ensure that no water will be able to infiltrate into your floor. The only challenge in this case is finding a provider that will meet your needs, while also offering you some free samples.

Surely, you are not used in benefiting from free samples, especially when it comes to flooring options. That is exactly why you should do a bit of research and make sure that you do not stop until you find a store that will be willing to send over cork samples without any costs. This is the only way you can see for yourself which of the available options is going to look best in your home. As you may know, each room of the house has its own décor and personality. You should choose a product that will help complete the appearance of your entire home.

When talking about Water Resistant flooring, cork might not be the first option that comes to mind. You may consider investing in ceramic tiles because they are a popular and standard choice for kitchens, basements and even bathrooms. But what if you learned that you could install cork in all of these rooms as well? The only difference would be the kind of cork system that you invest in, as there are two different types – a glued down floor and a floating one. If you are uncertain regarding the best solution for your own particular case, you should talk to the right provider about it.

Here are a few basic reasons why ceramic tiles should not be your first choice. First of all, depending on the model that you choose, you might end up spending more than you initially intended. You don’t just have to get the tiles, but also the material that will allow you to install them on the floor and a few other accessories and tools. At the same time, if you think about it, there is no way you can deal with this project on your own, especially when you do not have any experience in this field.

This means that you will also have to get a lot of money out of your pocket for the professional services offered by an expert. Also, when everything is said and done, you will not be able to walk on the floor barefoot, because your feet will get cold instantly. You might even catch a cold if you choose to walk on it with no shoes on all the time! Depending on the shoes that you are wearing, you might even slip and fall and get hurt. The situation is quite the opposite when you rely on a cork system.

The good news is that cork tiles are incredibly easy to install. You could do it even if you have never worked on a DIY project on your own before. At the same time, you do not have to worry about spending any additional money on other products. You just get the tiles and maybe a can of the finish product you need to apply after the floor is installed. You can keep it in storage and use it again in a few years when you want to restore the original beauty of your floor made out of cork.

This floor is not only going to be water resistant, but it will also offer you some other amazing advantages such as the fact that you will never get cold if you walk on it while being barefoot. You can also walk on it wearing high heels. You will not be able to damage it that easily. It is also a great idea for homes with pets as they will no longer make so much noise when they run around in the house. Keep in mind that cork is also an excellent insulator when talking about noise or temperature.

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