Checklist for hiring outsourcing accounting company in UK

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This checklist will give you an overall idea of what question you should raise before hiring any outsourcing accounting company for your business.

Testimonials: “Multiple recommendations are always better than one”. When comes to hiring an accounting firm for outsourcing your work, always ask the firm for reviews. Ask what kind of clients they have worked with before. If they have any video testimonials, that would be cherry on top for building confidence in the company.

Company profile:- You highlighted 2-3 options of accounting outsourcing firms from Google. Now its time to ask for their experience in the industry. How long they have been serving, business model, size of the company, their company financial help. Don’t shy away by asking details of the business profile. Always go through to their websites for a better picture.

Desired Goal- Before contacting any accounting outsourcing company, first get your priorities clear. What

Savings: The most important question to ask is how much you will save if you take outsourcing accounting service by any firm. Ask them to send you a proposal for it.

Data Security: Switching from inhouse to outsourcing may cause one major disadvantage of the data breach as you will provide your financial information to others which is not controllable by you. Always seek for the company who provides proper security measures to protect your data at any cost.

Ask what encryption methods they are using to prevent hacking. Are they using an SSL certificate on the system? What security measure company will take to prevent the third party from accessing the information.
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