Religious Bracelets - Healing Powers of the New Age Gemstone Beads

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Did you know that gemstone beads have the power to heal and rejuvenate? Gemstone beads are used to create religious bracelets and necklaces. Whether these beaded bracelets are made of wood or semi-precious beads or both, they are often kept for future generations as family heirlooms. The natural gemstone beads are used in making religious wrist mala or bracelets and necklaces.

Beaded religious bracelets look best grouped of in odd numbers. Also, they contain different gemstone materials, so there is a synergistic benefit. The most popular are semi-precious natural gemstone beads strung on elastic. Each gemstone color resonates with a different metaphysical spirituality quality.

Sacred or religious bracelets are worn by many kinds of gemstone fanciers, be they devotees, New Age followers, teens or pop culture celebrities. More and more people today have discovered the healing properties of crystals to work for them. It is widely accepted that gemstones and authentic gemstone bead bracelets influence the body's energy field and revives and strengthens the body's natural frequency. The natural gemstone bracelets enhance the natural flow of energy around the body thereby improving the wearer’s strength, balance and well being.

People wear gemstones for many reasons besides fashion. They want to attract positive dynamics into their lives, such as love, marriage, success, security, pregnancy, healing, adventure and excitement. Gemstones positively affect chakras or energy centers within the physical body. Wearing gemstone bracelets adds protection and alignment with one’s higher self. Over the years, many people have made use of gemstones in religious bracelets as a sacred enhancement and alignment with what they worship. Gemstones have a long history in the earliest records of our oldest religions as a tool in spirituality and ritual rites.

Charms are often added to bracelets for enhanced protection, positive energy or good luck. Today, good luck charms are usually larger than the beads to make them more visible or may be worn like a pendant on a chain as a necklace.

Buddha Charm Bracelets are popular Buddha jewelry products. People who are not Buddhist don’t think of these as religious bracelets, but simply something that signifies spiritual living. Buddha’s face has become a fashion icon. As with any other piece of jewelry, Buddha charm bracelets are loved for their unique design.

Of course in the same way a Buddha Head Statue is desirable because of Buddhism, Buddha bracelets are popular because of Buddha and his esoteric teachings. The bracelets in the early times were the handiwork of Buddhist blacksmiths and artisans. Now, they are crafted as symbolic of Buddhism.

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