(विन कोर्ट केस का सबसे अच्छा तरीका) ताबीज: वहाँ कई लोग हैं, जो तलाक या हत्या के मामलों, संपत्ति या बच्चों के मामलों आदि वे मुकदमे में सफलता के लिए न्यायालय से
hamaare vishay laapata vyakti yeon jo apaharan kar liya gaya hai ya ghar se bhaag gaye hai unse sambandhit hai.
Pray For All k Rohani Mahreen nay aisay afrad k liye ye Naqsh (Taweez ka Amal) tayar kiya jin k har kaam main rokawat ati hai aur kisi surat khatam nahi hoti.
yeh taweez gunaaho ki allah se maafi ke liye h, insaani kotahiyo ke bina par ham insaano ke gunaah maaf karwane ke liye taweez banate h.
ek kohre kagaz par apne premi ya premika ka naam likh de or 7 din tak namaaj e fajar ke baad is isam ko us kohre kagaz ko haath me le kar kare
while love is not a plant,it is funny how it flowers in spring and how summer and sun feed it in and make it prosper.There is no perfect relationship or anything like it . When both sides of the couple feel such great love ,then the relationship can grow,advance and discover new horizons.It is important that you value the relationship. Husband and wife are two wheels of cart.Both keep equal importance in each other’s life but after knowing all this why spouse are getting divorced after divorce life doesn’t remains as good as it was before.I really don’t understand the reasons behind divorce.If
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the reasons are as follows:- 1.Suspicious nature of partner =suspecting your partner on each and every small thing is nothing but absurd.This makes life hell. 2.Lack of passion/Mismatch level of desire=we can never deny that we all have carnal desires which need to satiate and we expect our partner to be compatible not only in general conugal isssues but also in bed.But unfortunately because of work stress there is less physical intimation between couples 3.Extra marital affairs=people fall out of love in marriages now and then.and this leads to the entry of third person in a realationship of spouse. 4.Family yours or mine=it is one of the major reason of fights between husband and wife .Both of them want to keep their family superior. 5.Ego=i will keep it at top of the list as i feel ego is something that spoils marriage life.one should keep their aside. There are many more reasons like taking care of children, money matters,quality time ,etc.which turns a beautifull married life into worst.But it could be solved if there is a proper communication between husband and wife . relationship is made in heaven and we need to maintain it in this world .So from the core of my heart i want that no one shoult get divorce . thats why i am here to solve your all problems related with marriage .you are just a call away from a solution.Get free from your problems within 5 days after the date of call.
apka deewana ho jayega. apki मुहब्बत ke bina use chain nahi ayega .

मुहब्बत karne weh kisi se dil lagane weh kisi ko apna banane dil jitne bhi tarike weh अमल thee humne yha दर्ज kiye hai inse ap jayaj kaamo mai fayda utha sakte hai . yeh baat dhayan mai rakhni chahiye ki apni kaam vasna ki iccha purti ke liye ya व्यभिचार ke liye in tariko ko istmaal nahi karna chahiye. paak मुहब्बत karne , dosti badane or apni pasand ki shadi karne ke liye in tario par amal kiya jana chahiye . burai fela kar apne samaj ko ganda karne se bachna chahiye . har shiksha weh अमल ka istmaal bhalai weh dusro k
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e seva ke liye he karna chahiye . kisi ki मुहब्बत ka yadi शिकार ho gya ho to i naksha ko jarur ajmay.

hafte (shanivaar) ke din kumhaar ke yha jakar चाक ki mithi lay or uski ek तख्ती banay or uske upar niche diya hua naksh likhe . isi par apne महबुब ka naam or uski तस्वीर bhi naksh kar de. phir ise aag mai jala de 21 अदद काली मिर्च lekar inme se har e par surr : कुल आउज़ु बिरबिन्नास ०मलिकिन्नास० इलाहिननास ०मिन शर्रील वसवासी लखतरास० अल्लज़ी युवसविसु फी सू दूरिंनास। ) 21 bar pade orsurat ke ant me har bar kahe_ saukhtam dilo ja bin fala raval fala bin fala sojo fala veh chashme girya knaha ta ankh fala mardana bayanad ikrar nayanad.

iske bad ek mirch agg me dalta jaye or agg ko niche is tarah rakhe ki naksh ki jagah par agg rahe. Mehaboob pagal hokar apka diwana ho jayega.naksh yeh hai-
************************अल्लाह रेहम***************************

What is love ? how we can find love ? what happen when we lost it ?how a person fall in love? why people fall in love with a
person they do not know ? and so on ……………..
There are many questions which comes in my mind when i go in deep thoughts of love but still i do not find any answer . without faalling in love no one can give accurate answers of these quetions so i decided to get answers of my qestions from those persons who really mean and understand the love and who really value their relationship I asked these questio
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ns from many lovers .i found that one person who is in love feels that he is in heaven .after getting the answers from many of the lovers i found that love can chane any body’s life now i can describe love in a very simple way as follows-

“love is only feeling with the help of which we can remove the differences of colour and caste .it brings a lot of joy and happiness that has the power to avoid all the discrepancies from life ”

and if we wanna describe love in a single line then we can say that “love is god”

above i described about the love between two lovers or spouse but a person may be in love with any one like one may be in with his/her parents, pets , plants .there are many people in this world who are animal lovers or birds lovers .
That’s why i provide a service ” v as hi k a ran ” for all those people who suffers with the problems related with love .one who losts his/her love due to some circumstances .
and also for those people who loves some one but dont get the from that person to whom they love. spouse whose relation reached at the level of divorce may also get their loving dys back in life with their partners .

We all know what is ” v as hi k a ran ” and what;s it’s power . It has the power of bringing any
person from anywhere ” anywhere means anywhere in earth if their love is in earth then with the help of” v as hi k a ran ” he or she can get them back in their life and then they can live happily forever” .
So do not waste your time. you are just a call away from your love . If some one do not get
their love or his / her love left him , small fight occurs most of the times, want love , confused in
between two girl / boy , want to know who really loves you , get solution of all problems within
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