Government Legislation Essay

1 year ago, Mon, Jul 8, 2019, 18:13:32
There are certain laws that companies must follow in order to stay in business. Legislation means simply law. There are 3 main laws that businesses need to follow, these are: 1. Health and Safety (1974) This is probably the most important bit of legislation that was passed relevant to a business. If a business does not coincide with the law about health, then potentially the customers could fall ill, or possibly die, leaving the company in ruins.Everything has to be put into it to maintain a high standard of hygiene etc… Health also has to be maintained with the workers. Discrimination Tahir Hussain’s example of discrimination is a very good one. He was unemployed and was well qualified. He’d applied for numerous jobs, but was not getting any offers for an interview. He was quite upset by this and so decided to test the system.