Strata Management - Starta Pulse Reports & Consulting

2 months ago, Thu, Oct 18, 2018, 17:20:07
Need a strata consultant, strata records report or some strata consulting assistance? Contact Strata Pulse in Perth for specialist strata advice. How can we be confident that your nominated strata management companies are suitable? Anyone can start a strata management services company in WA. No license, experience or accreditation is required. So, it can be challenging to select an experienced, certified and ethical strata manager. We use years of strata management industry experience in Perth to source tenders from quality strata management companies suited to your needs. The strata managers are assessed on the following: * Knowledge & Training: We ensure the strata management company has a good core knowledge of the industry to provide their strata managers with ongoing mentoring, support and on-the-job training. Additionally, the strata managers should receive on-going external training. * Accredited strata managers: We ensure the strata management companies are registered members of Strata Community Australia (WA) and that they provide certification programs to their strata managers. * Practice standards: Strata management can be complicated therefore suitable software, systems and procedures must be in place to ensure proper standards eg. records are maintained, proper approvals are obtained before the payment of strata company funds, arrears are collected, etc. * Service: We check that the strata management company staff can adequately service your needs. We will check that the strata manager is not overworked by attempting to manage too many properties. * Ethics and Values: Your strata manager will deal with many external parties on behalf of your strata property. It is essential there are no conflicts of interests. The strata manager should have procedures in place to ensure ethical standards are maintained.